The GUA SHA Facial Tool

The beauty industry evolved over the past years and started to focus on the notion of self-care.

Facial massage is one of the most popular self-care activities you can do from the comfort of your home. The process of facial massage offers immediate mood-boosting, relaxation and anti-aging benefits by improving blood flow and revealing a more glowing complexion.

Over the past few years, you may have noticed an increased hype for facial massaging tools like the GUA shas - and for good reason. While they have made a comeback, the concept of facial massage may be traced back to an ancient Chinese ritual of rolling jade over your face. Most of my patients ask me about the benefits of facial massaging tools like the gua sha – do they help reduce the appearance of wrinkles; do they help skincare products absorb better? The short answer is yes; facial massaging tools will elevate your skincare routine and provide tremendous benefits to your skin.

GUA Sha From Skin 65

The Gua sha originates from traditional Chinese medicine practices and dates back centuries ago.

Originally a body treatment, the gua sha tool and technique has since been adapted to be used in facial therapies. The gua sha tool promotes lymphatic drainage, which helps to eliminate inflammation in the skin. The gua sha tool offers multiple benefits to the skin and it instantly sculpts and contours the facial complexion.

The Gua Sha is a flat tool, made of semi-precious stones, that is used to massage the face

Unlike most Gua Shas, which are composed of jade or rose quartz, the SKIN65 Gua Sha is constructed of terahertz stone, which ensures that the skin benefits are maximised. It was also important to me to design a device that could maintain a cool temperature so that it could depuff the face quickly, especially in the morning.

semi-precious stones

The Terahertz stone is a potent therapeutic gemstone that boosts metabolism and rejuvenation by increasing blood circulation.

The Terahertz stone promotes stress release by enhancing inner body energy and generating relaxing vibrations, making it excellent for any self-care rituals.

Terahertz is a cool-to-the-touch substance that reduces inflammation and puffiness, making it excellent for any skincare tool or device.

The gua sha also comes in many shapes and it can be quite hard to decide which one is best for you. The gua shas created to treat body areas will normally be bigger than the ones that treat facial areas.

The SKIN65 gua sha was developed to treat all facial areas. It has a smooth and rounded appearance to fit the curvatures of the facial area. You can now receive the SKIN65 Teraherz gua sha for free with your SKIN65 order.


The gua sha treatment focuses on carrying away toxins through the process of lymphating drainage while improving blood circulation, leaving the skin toned and firmed. The gua sha will therefore also eliminate fluid build-up, which will essentially reduce puffiness in the skin. The main benefits the gua sha offers are:
  • releases tightness, tension and retrains fascial muscles
  • sculps and contours complexion
  • firms the skin
  • softens fine lines
  • increases skin firmness
  • reduces dark circles
  • reduces puffiness and inflammation
  • relieves jaw tension
  • improves sinus congestion
  • helps products penetrate deeper in the skin
  • relives rosacea


As a rule of thumb, the gua sha should never be used perpendicular to the skin. Use the tool by pressing it up against the skin at a 5-degree angle at all times. After cleansing and applying your skincare routine, apply a moisturiser or face oil. It is important that the texture of the product allows the tool to glide over, without pulling or dragging the skin.

how to use the GUA sha

1. You will start with your neck by using the longer, flatter edge of the gua sha. Glide the gua sha on your skin by applying light pressure from the clavicle towards the jawline. Repeat this movement 5 times.

2. Use the heart-shaped edge of the gua sha to sculpt your jawline. Starting at the chin, glide the gua sha upwards towards the ears, applying light to medium pressure. Hold the skin on your chin with the opposite hand while doing so. Once you reach the ears, use the longer, flatter edge of the gua sha to make downward strokes on your neck towards the clavicle. Repeat this movement 5 times.

3. Use the longer, flatter edge of the gua sha underneath your cheekbone, starting at the corners of the mouth and moving upwards and outwards towards the ears. Hold the skin around the mouth with the opposite hand while doing so. Repeat this movement 5 times.

4. Use the heart-shaped edge of the gua sha on your cheek, starting at the nasolabial lines and moving upwards and outwards towards the temples. Hold the skin around the nasolabial lines with the opposite hand while doing so. Repeat this movement five times.

5. If you wish to work around the undereye, please remember this is a very sensitive area. Do not apply pressure and let the pressure of the stone do the work for you. Glide the longer, flatter edge of the gua sha from the inner corner of the undereye area upwards towards the temple while holding the skin around the nose with the opposite hand. Repeat this movement 3 times.

6. Repeat on the other side of the face.

7. For the forehead, use the long, flatter edge of the gua sha. Start between your eyebrows and move upwards towards the scalp. Repeat this movement 5 times in each area of the forehead.

8. Use the longer, flatter edge of the tool to drain the lymphatic fluid. Start between your eyebrows and move outwards towards the temple. Next, move the tool on your cheek upwards and outwards towards the temple. Once the two movements meet at the temple, move downwards on the side of the face, the neck, all the way down to the clavicle.

For best results, we recommend aiming to use the SKIN 65 Gua Sha at least 2 to 3 times a week. However, you should start with using the tool once a week to accustom your skin with the method. Depending on your skin type, you may start to increase frequency of treatments.

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