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Terahertz Gua Sha

Terahertz Gua Sha

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The SKIN 65 Terahertz Gua Sha is the perfect at-home tool to accompany any skincare regime. 

Terahertz is a powerful healing gemstone that increases blood circulation and stimulates metabolism and rejuvenation. The Terahertz stone enhances inner body energy and generates calming frequencies, promoting stress release which makes it ideal for any self-care rituals. Terahertz will remain cool to the touch, reducing inflammation and puffiness, making it the ideal material for any skincare tool. 

Dating back centuries to Eastern medicine, the Gua Sha has quickly become a staple amongst at-home tolls for improving skin appearance and texture. Our vegan, cruelty-free Terahertz Gua Sha will improve the appearance of sagging skin, leaving a firmer complexion while reducing puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Used on a regular basis, The SKIN 65 Terahertz Gua Sha will work towards retraining the fascial muscles by releasing tension and toning them, ultimately revealing a more sculpted, contoured complexion. 

Used alongside your skincare routine products, the SKIN 65 Terahertz Gua Sha will also enhance the absorption of serums, creams or moisturisers by pressing the products deeper into your skin.


  • releases tightness, tension and retrains fascial muscles
  • sculps and contours complexion
  • firms skin
  • softens fine lines
  • increases skin firmness
  • reduces dark circles
  • reduces puffiness and inflammation

While the gua sha is an ideal tool to reveal a more sculpted and contoured complexion, we recommend alternating between the SKIN 65 Terahertz Gua Sha and the SKIN 65 Terahertz Roller which aides lymphatic drainage.

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