The Face Roller

This week I will break down for you another widely-hyped beauty tool - the face roller or as many may know it, the jade roller

The Jade roller technique originated in China and has been used in Chinese beauty rituals for centuries for its known healing and purifying properties.

Today, the face roller is made of many stones which have different properties and purposes.

What is the face roller?

The face roller is a facial tool typically made of healing stones that is used for facial massaging routines. The face roller is made of stones that provide benefits to the skin. While the facial roller comes in many stones, the SKIN65 Face Roller is made of Terahertz.

The Terahertz stone

The Terahertz stone releases strong healing vibrations, which aid in the reduction of stress and weariness. The benefits of the Terahertz stone, when paired with the benefits of the Face Roller, will ensure that your skin receives the most pampering and achieves the best results possible. The Terahertz stone is easy to clean and durable and remains cold to touch to offer additional benefits to your skin. The stone is also antibacterial which is great for your skin as you don't want to put anything on your skin that's going to be porous.

So, using the SKIN65 Face Roller will help you reduce puffiness in certain areas of the face through the cold touch of the stone. Additionally, the pressure applied by the roller will help push fluid to the lymph nodes to ultimately filter out toxins.

Face roller – Myth vs Reality

If you look on Instagram or TikTok you will find plenty of glowing reviews for facial rollers. Truth is the facial massaging technique is simple but can offer tremendous benefits to the skin making the face roller almost too good to be true. As with any hyped product, there is a lot of discussion on what using a face roller really does for your skin. So, I will break down some of the most common myths I saw on social media.

the face rollers from Skin 65

1. Using a face roller will help your products absorb deeper into the skin – TRUE. The face roller promotes lymphatic drainage which improves blood circulation and allows products to better absorb into the skin. One thing to keep in mind when you are using a face roller is that your face needs to allow the tool to glide on the skin. That means there should be enough product on the skin before starting your facial massaging routine. I recommend using the face roller at the end on the skincare routine after you apply the moisturiser or a facial oil. This will allow the roller to glide over without pulling your skin. Moreover, using the roller at the end of your skincare routine with massage all the products into the skin, aiding a deeper penetration of all the skincare you used throughout the routine.

2. Using a face roller can slim your face – FALSE The roller facilitates a facial massage which improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The result is a more glowing and less puffy complexion rather than a slimmer face. If you are looking to contour the face, I would suggest using a gua sha or alternating facial roller massaging with a gua sha routine.

3. Using a face roller can improve your mood – TRUE. The face roller is essentially a face massaging tool. Facial massage improves your skin's health while also releasing tension from your facial muscles. The face roller massage helps you look and feel better by relaxing and revitalising you, and ultimately improving your mood. Moreover, the SKIN65 facial roller is made of Terahertz, which is known for its energising properties which can be useful if you need to supplement for lethargy.

4. The benefits of the face roller are permanent – FALSE Few skincare products or tools offer permanent results. While the results are not permanent, consistency is key. In order to see and maintain the benefits long term, you need to continue using your face roller as any other skincare product.

How to use the Face Roller?

Knowing how to use the face roller effectively is crucial to reaping all the benefits for the skin and achieve the depuffing and glow-enhancing effects. This can be achieved by pushing the trapped fluid in your skin cells toward your lymph nodes. After cleansing, apply a serum, moisturiser or face oil to a freshly cleansed face. Remember to always roll upwards (never up and down), outwards and in one direction. 1. Start at the chin and move along the jawline, applying slight pressure. Work more slowly on this area and repeat this movement around 5 times.

2. Moving towards the cheeks area, start rolling from the nasolabial lines towards the temple, in an upwards and outwards direction. You may use brisk movements and more pressure in this area. Repeat this movement around 5 times.

3. For the under-eye area, use the smaller tip of the double-ended roller. Start moving the roller with very light pressure from the inner part of the eye upwards and outwards. Repeat this movement 3 to 5 times.

4. Repeat on the other side of the face

5. Moving on to the forehead, start between the eyebrows using the larger tip of the double ended roller. Move the roller upwards towards the scalp and repeat the movement 5 times in each location along the forehead, including the temples area.

how to use a jade face roler

6. Starting at the forehead, move the roller outwards towards the temple and down to the bottom of the jaw and down the side of the neck towards the clavicle. Repeat this movement 3-5 times on each side.

While the face roller is an ideal tool to stimulate the lymphatic system, we recommend alternating between the SKIN 65 Terahertz Gua Sha and the SKIN 65 Terahertz Roller which promotes a more sculpted and contoured complexion.

For best results, we recommend using the SKIN 65 Terahertz Face Roller at least once a day, on a daily basis, after your skincare routine.

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