Anti-ageing skincare: what you should know

Whether you’re looking to preserve your youthful complexion or aiming to reverse the effects ageing can have on the skin, the good news is that there are plenty of reliable anti-ageing skincare routines to choose from. The best skincare for anti-ageing routine will depend on your age, the condition of your skin, your skin type and the areas you wish to target.

The good news is that it’s never too late to erase the visible signs of ageing, and with the right products such as the popular CE Ferulic at your disposal, you should be able to achieve a more youthful look in a matter of months or even weeks.

The purpose of this guide to anti-ageing skincare is to demonstrate the ways in which your skincare routine can help reduce the visibility of wrinkles and help you to look younger and healthier, based on your age and skin type.

How skin ages

Lifestyle choices and environmental factors (such as receiving a lot of sunshine) can have a huge impact on ageing of the skin. However, there’s also a natural timeline that we can all expect to move through as we age. At first, you may notice gradual changes to your complexion, in other instances, you may notice a single wrinkle that seems to magically appear overnight.

Regardless of whether you’re conscious of how your skin has aged over time, or if you’ve suddenly noticed wrinkles out of the blue, there’s no avoiding it. Unfortunately, everybody has to go through the ageing process. However, with an anti-ageing skin routine, you can still do your best to slow things down and even reverse some of the damage done to your skin.

The following is a timeline of the changes you can expect to witness over the years:

Age 25-30

In your mid-late twenties, skin generally remains voluminous with very little in terms of fine lines. However, some women may begin to notice slight facial hair growth, usually around the upper lip, brows and facial perimeter. At this time, the production of elastin and collagen also begins to slow, and these compounds are responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. You may also begin to notice tentative signs of “motor wrinkles”, which are the first creases and lines related to facial movements.

Age 30-45

Depending on your lifestyle, you can expect the skin to begin looking less radiant and more tired throughout your 30s and early 40s. Eye bags begin to darken, and larger pores become visible across the nose. At this age, “crow’s feet” begin to form fully, and previous sun damage can cause the appearance of freckles or small patches of brown discolouration. Marionette lines and sallow cheeks are also common around this age.

Age 50-60

By the time you reach age 50, you can expect elastin to disappear, while the structure of collagen changes in the skin. Hormones also come into play around this time, as a drop in estrogen can cause your skin to feel drier and softer. Those who have been frequently exposed to the sun over the years will begin to show signs of sun damage, which can include deeper lines and wrinkles. Lastly, the skin begins to lose its ability to retain water. In fact, by your mid-50s, your skin only contains one-third of the water retention capacity it did when you were a child.

Age 65 and over

Skincare is important at all ages, but once you reach age 65, the process tends to accelerate. Gravity causes the skin to hang, the face will lose density and plumpness, and criss-cross wrinkles will now appear in high-movement areas of the face. The face may also take longer to heal after an invasive skincare anti-ageing treatment, and vitamin D production within the skin will decrease.

Contributing factors to ageing skin

Everybody is different, and as such we all tend to age differently. The following factors all impact how rapidly or slowly your skill will age:

1) Type of skin

There are five main skin types: sensitive, normal, dry, oily and combination. Knowing which skin type you have will help you to pick the right anti-ageing skincare cream.

2) Genetics

The genes you inherit from your parents have an impact on how you age. It might be beneficial to consider how your mother aged to gain an insight into what’s in store, as this could also help you to choose the correct anti-wrinkle regimen based on your genetics.

3) Exposure

UV rays from the sun can penetrate deep into the outer layers of the skin, causing damage that often goes unnoticed for years. It is therefore important to protect the skin, both with sun creams ,and anti-wrinkle products and , anti-ageing treatments containing retinol as part of your beauty regime.

Recognising the classic signs of ageing skin

There are four main signs of skin ageing: wrinkles, vascular issues, pigmentation (sunspots) and a lack of firm cutaneous tissue. While some of these may not be immediately visible, when your skin begins to age, you should be on the lookout for the following signs:

- Wrinkles

- Dark bags/circles under eyes

- Age spots

- Crow’s feet

- Enlarged pores

- Sagging skin

How to prevent ageing skin

1) Wear sun protection every day: Avoid spending time in direct sunlight (especially during the summer) without a legitimate sun protection cream rated at least SPF15.

2) If you smoke then stop!: Cigarettes are the second-leading cause of skin damage, just behind exposure to the sun. They impair blood flow, are full of chemicals, and deplete the body of vital nutrients and vitamins.

3) Eat healthily: Eating too much processed food can be disastrous for the skin. Try to get plenty of natural foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and zinc.

4) Choose the right skincare products and skincare routine.

The right products can make all the difference when it comes to preserving your youthful appearance. 

If you’re unsure about the right beauty regime for your skin type, please do not hesitate to contact Skin 65. Dr Adil Sarwar is happy to offer advice based on your skin type, allowing you to enjoy a skincare regimen that is tailored specifically to your requirements.

Contact us today to start your anti-ageing skincare routine.

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