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A.G.E. EYE COMPLEX is a fantastic eye treatment which reduces fine lines, wrinkles puffy/dark circles whilst strengthening the delicate eye area.

The eye area often shows the most evidence of ageing and environmental damage. A.G.E eye cream contains powerful ingredients to minimise these signs of ageing.

Optical diffusers within the cream produce an immediate reduction in puffiness and dark circles. However best results show after one month, when a combination of proteins remove the dark colour produced by degrading haemoglobin.

Three months into regular application of this cream, there should a noticeable reduction in fine lines around around/ under the eyes due to the active ingredient propylene.

Key Ingredients:

- 4% Blueberry Extract - Reduces end stage glycation, thereby protecting collagen and elastin fibres. Clinically proven to minimise the degradation of collagen.

- 5% Proxylane - Increases concentrations of fibrilin 1 and chondroitin which aid the mechanical properties of skin. Clinically proven to stimulate collagen.

-Flavonoids & Peptides - Reduce dark circles and eye bags. 

-Optical Diffusers - Improve radiance.


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