Professional Skin Care, Curated by London's Renowned Skin Expert, Dr Sarwar

A doctor administers an injection to a patient’s face with precision in a modern clinic. Text in the background partially reads "Skin Science Clinic."

Expert Skin Care, Curated by Dr Adil Sarwar

Discover our exclusive collection of premium brands, handpicked by London's renowned skin expert Dr Adil Sarwar. At Skin 65, it's not just shopping—it's a personalised skin health experience.

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  • A dark brown bottle with a spray nozzle and a blank label lies on a light green surface, surrounded by eucalyptus leaves.


    Enjoy a complimentary Skinceuticals sample with every purchase

  • Facial rollers with black handles and gold accents are arranged in a diagonal pattern on a white background. The handles feature the text "Skatts."


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  • A sleek, modern reception desk stands beneath a crystal chandelier in a spacious, marble-floored clinic. Large golden letters on a wall spell "SKIN SCIENCE CLINIC"; a street view is visible outside.


    Owned and operated by Skin Science Clinic Founder Dr. Sarwar

  • Three small vials labeled "AlumierMD EverActive C&E + Peptide Serum" stand next to a salmon-colored box with the same branding. A dropper rests on the box. Text:

EverActive C&E + Peptide
Antioxidant Facial Serum
with 15% L-Ascorbic acid USP, Vitamin E, and an anti-aging peptide
with all skin types

Serum: 3 x 15 mL /0.51 fl. oz.
Crystals: 3 x 2.7 g


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Skin 65 & SKin Science Clinic London

Welcome to Skin 65, where our expertise in cosmetic skincare meets the trusted care of our renowned London clinic. Led by distinguished skin doctor, Dr Adil Sarwar. our clinic has been a cornerstone of skin health and beauty in the UK. Discover the same level of professional care and premium products in our online shop