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A premium brand of skincare products developed using thermal spa water from the hot springs of the French town Vichy

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Minèral 89: Your skin's daily dose of hydration for healthy-looking, glowing skin.

Formulated for all skin types, Minèral 89 is clinically proven to hydrate, plump and repair your skin barrier, protecting skin against pollution and helping your skin to recover from external aggressors or treatments. Skin is nourished and revitalised with a healthy-looking glow.

VOCHY Livactiv Range at Skin 65

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Introducing The Liftactiv Range by Vichy

Collagen and hyaluronic acid production equals great skin and both are essential to a youthful, springy, plump complexion. Our Liftactiv Specialist range is enriched with dermatological active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, pure vitamin c and bio-peptides.


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All Vichy products are Developed and Evaluated by Leading UK Dermatologists.

Each Vichy formula is developed and tested with skin health professionals, including leading pharmacists and dermatologists.

The active ingredients found in each Vichy product are introduced at the active dose. The laboratories used by Vichy continue to track each batch of products produced even after they have been released on the open market.

Vichy has a rich history. In 1931 Dr Haller discovered the Vichy Mineralizing Water (the only water source used in Vichy products to this day). Doctor Haller was the first to apply the therapeutic properties of thermal water to cosmetics, creating the Vichy brand.

Dr Haller was considered a pioneer in his field; with his medical background, he created bespoke skincare routines based on skin type and launched the first Serum in pharmacies. Vichy has been instrumental in skincare innovation for over 80 years.

Meet Our Founder

Leading London Skin Doctor,
Dr Adil Sarwar

Skin 65 was founded by Dr Adil Sarwar (MBBS, BSc, MRCGP), a leading, London based cosmetic doctor, formerly employed at the award winning, globally acclaimed Harley Street skin clinic in London. Here he successfully performed thousands of procedures. Specialising on all aspects of aesthetics, primarily in non surgical cosmetic treatments, focusing on the face, skin and scalp. Doctor Adil Sarwar has featured on Panel discussions on Sky TV and other mainstream media outlets.

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Skin 65 is part of the Skin Science Clinic family,
a highly rated London skin clinic founded and directed by Dr Adil Sarwar

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